Show your Patrioteesm and have fun!

Are you willing to stand up for your rights?

How important are your first and second amendment rights to you?

What does it mean to be an American and patriotic?

These are questions that many Americans are asking themselves on a daily basis. Sacrifice for freedom, liberty and justice has been so deeply ingrained in American society for hundreds of years that millions of us strongly believe in our rights as Americans. The question remains, are we getting away from our core value as Americans question and what it means to be an American? Is our society as a whole softening our convictions?  

What are we doing to stand up as individuals to protect our first and second amendment rights on a daily basis. I am not referring to a civil uprising and civil war but rather just speaking up.  We should feel confident about first and second amendment God-given rights. It’s up to us as individuals to do what we believe is right in our hearts. As a collective whole we will win this battle as we believe good will always conquer evil and the light shall always prevail. We have been challenged so many times before in the past as Americans and as a country and we have always come out on top. There is always a price to pay but Americans are the most resilient, patriotic, country-loving, dig your heels in and stand up for what you believe in individuals in the entire world.

We here at Patriotees want to get the message out that our first and second amendment rights are so vitally important, that we will not just lay down and give them away at any cost. We ask that you all join in and help spread the message one T-shirt at a time across America that we will not give up!