Show your Patrioteesm and have fun!

What it means to be an American in 2021!

What a day and age we live in now. I currently reside in Los Angeles California but travel throughout the US frequently. I have also traveled to over 25 countries and speak multiple languages. My eyes are wide open and my mind is anything but  narrow when viewing the problems facing America today. We are challenged but we are still free from government oppression and interference but that is changing. The radical left wants to centralize power and turn us into a socialist country with the balance of power envisioned by our forefathers in tatters. We have it pretty damn good but need to fight to keep it that way. Defending the Constitution is a great place to start!

Back to LA…unfortunately Los Angeles represents everything that is wrong with so many cities in America right now. Corrupt politicians are forcing unrealistic mandates and ideologies on US citizens making it very difficult to feel like you are living in a free America. First and second amendment violations are prevalent making you feel more like you’re living under a socialist or communist regime. The cornerstones of Americans rights are being questioned and attacked on a daily basis while making people feel they are wrong by standing up for basic civil liberties. Each individual American has a patriotic duty to stand up against individuals that are trying to break our society down and turn us against each other. Every single action that we take as individuals in defiance of this is one step closer to us winning our country back. Patriotees mission is to help each other spread these ideals one T-shirt at a time while donating to our veterans who have fought for our freedom.