Show your Patrioteesm and have fun!

What would our country be like without our 1st and 2nd Amendment rights?

1st and 2nd Amendment rights are what define us as Americans. If you were to take away our basic inalienable rights as Americans, we would cease to be a free nation but rather a nation of tyrannical dictatorship. Unfortunately this is happening as we speak with the mass censorship of our citizens on social media and news media channels across the country. If we do not follow or comply with the narrative that they want us to, they simply censor our thoughts and comments online. We are in a position now where we need to go old-school and bring these messages out into the world through the use of our voice. Let Patriotees help broadcast our voice unapologetically allowing our message to get out there. We as Americans are strong as individuals but even stronger as a collective group. Let’s all stand together against this new anti-first and second amendment rights movement.  Let's fight for what we believe in and build this great country back into the America we love!